Humless Go Mini Uses

What can you really do with a Humless Go Mini? That’s a very important question. It’s obviously a great product, but how can I use it to the best of its abilities?

The Humless Go Mini can be VERY useful in a variety of situations.

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency preparedness is a theme that seems to be growing ever more important on peoples minds today. Who knows what will happen these days and being prepared for anything can be a big advantage. Be it power outages, evacuations, or anything else where you are caught in a powerless situation, the Humless Go Mini is a perfect solution.

Natural Disasters

We all know that natural disasters can occur at any time. Earthquakes, avalanches, blizzards, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, lightning storms, tsunamis, you name it. Any natural disaster can leave us powerless and in trouble. During a natural disaster any form of energy is welcome, and having a powerful, portable source of energy can be a game-changer.

Recreation and Outdoors

The Humless Go Mini is perfect for hunting, hiking, camping, road trips and even tail-gating. People love it because it’s super portable and very quiet – two things that you usually don’t find in a generator these days. It’s also a very green product, with no fumes whatsoever. It’s especially green if you purchase the solar panel accessories.

And Lastly….. Zombies.

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2 thoughts on “Humless Go Mini Uses

  1. I’m wondering about the ability of Humless for the following uses:
    1. Backup for sump pump and house refrigerator.
    2. Wish to connect to solar cells.
    3. Would like to power electric chainsaw in remote locations.
    4. recharging lawnmower and garden tool batteries

    • The Humless Sentinel would run a few of the devices/appliances you mentioned however, it would not run them very long. For longer usage you would need to consider multiple Sentinels, or connecting the Sentinel with solar power. The battery capacity of the Sentinel is about 600 watt hours and will run up to a 1000 watt device for about 30-40 minutes. The Sentinel can be recharged via a solar panel with a 200 watt panel taking about 5 hours of full sun to recharge the battery fully. With multiple panels it can be recharged much faster.

      An average sized modern refrigerator made in the last few years uses about 1400 watt hours per day which means the Sentinel’s battery would only power if for a number of hours before the Sentinel’s battery would need to be recharged. The most energy efficient option in a power outage would be to move the perishable items to a freezer and to power the freezer for 10 minutes every hour or so.

      For recharging other batteries, the Sentinel should do fine for the usual garden tools. For a larger battery powered lawnmower, the Sentinel’s battery has a higher capacity than the typical rechargeable mower so a full Sentinel would recharge a mower at least one full time.
      An electric chain saw and a sump pump are a couple high wattage devices that require a lot of power and one Sentinel would only be able to provide a short run-time because of the amount of energy needed to run the motors. There are high efficient sump pumps made that would work better from a DC battery source because they use less wattage/power than the standard 1/3 or 1/2 HP pumps. Even so, the battery capacity of one Sentinel would not be able to run a sump pump for extended hours in a long storm. You would likely want to have 3-4 Sentinels to be fully prepared in an extended storm. An electric chain saw can use 2400 watts surge to start the saw running and 1200-1500 watts while sawing through the wood. These amounts of power needed are more than the Sentinel’s 1000 watt inverter can provide even though the battery would be able to power them for a short run-time.

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